Get the Best Car Upgrade in Melbourne

When it comes to upgrading your car, it’s a given that you want to get a vehicle that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. Unfortunately, finding the perfect car isn’t done easily – time and effort needs to be invested in researching the best option in Melbourne.

Not only do you have to research what car will best suit you – including what the best vehicle brands are and what vehicles are the most fuel efficient – if you have an existing car, you’ll need to find the best way to sell it. Selling your existing car properly will ensure that you have sufficient funds for your car upgrade.

By reading through this ‘100 Things Car Upgrade Guide’, you can learn the important fundamentals about upgrading your car. While you will still need to do a bit of your own research – as each individual’s vehicle needs will differ from one another – this guide will make a significant difference in the outcome of your car upgrade.

Upgrading a Car

Budgeting for your car upgrade

Before you even start looking into the different options for upgrading your car, you’ll need to decide what budget you have available. If you have an existing car that you’ll sell before you upgrade, take into account the money you’ll be earning from that.

When budgeting for your car upgrade, you’ll not only need to think of the cost of buying the car, but also the costs of maintaining the car.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about regular car maintenance costs:

If you’re upgrading to a second hand vehicle, here’s some more questions you’ll need to ask:

Keep all these things in mind when budgeting for your car upgrade. Some people can be attracted to big, powerful cars when going through an upgrade, but fail to think of long term costs. This ends up costing them much more money than they originally anticipated, and in some cases they had to downgrade their vehicle.

Getting rid of your existing vehicle

It’s important to choose the most effective way to selling your existing vehicle – this will result in having more budget towards your new car upgrade. There’s a few different options to getting a great price for your old car…

Car Auction Websites – Choose between listing your vehicle at $1 reserve or at a set fixed price. List your vehicle photos and details online, and target those who are specifically looking to buy a vehicle. Keep in mind that car auction websites will generally charge a listing or success fee. Some popular car auction websites include and

Car Wreckers – Find reliable car wreckers Melbourne and sell your car for instant cash. A great way to avoid paying any sort of fees, and you can get your vehicle removed for free too. This option is ideal for those who are trying to get rid of a vehicle that isn’t road worthy or worth repairing.