How to Make the Most Money for Your Old Car

In order to have the highest possible budget for your car upgrade, you’ll need to ensure that you make a decent price for your old vehicle. Whether it’s currently in great working condition, or it hasn’t been warranted or registered for a number of years, there’s a suitable option for you to sell your car.

Selling an Old Car

Selling a working car

If you’re selling a car in great working condition and it’s currently warranted and registered, your best bet is to list your vehicle on a car auction website – such as or These websites allow you to list all of your vehicle information, as well as photos, which then gets added to their directory. Potential car buyers will be able to search for a specific make or model vehicle, and if yours meets their search criteria, it will be available for them to check out.

If you really want to get the best price available for your car through an online auction website, you can spend a bit of time prior to listing it preparing your car. Some ways to prepare your car are:


Selling a junk or old car

If you’re selling a car that isn’t running properly or well, or it doesn’t have a current Warrant of Fitness or registration, you may struggle to get a decent price for it on a car auction website. You can, however, still make money for it by bringing it into your local car wreckers Melbourne. Car wreckers generally provide a great ‘cash for car’ service where they’ll pay you money for your unwanted vehicle and remove it for free. The vehicle gets transporting to their wrecking yard where it is then dismantled and sold for parts.